Advisory and

Leaders and employees in any enterprise and organization are realizing more and more – the challenges are growing, changes are coming more quickly and the unthinkable gets reality

A clear

Saying it differently –
everything is getting more complex. Strategic orientation influences operative decisions which influences roles and responsibilities in teams which influences strategic decisions which again drives everyday decisions which impacts roles and responsibilities …

Therefore my perspective as a strategy consultant, team developer and systemic coach is a very holistic one.
I strongly believe – change can only happen if we address all levels of organizational design successfully and not one in isolation, but we have a professional curiosity how they impact one another.

The good thing:
Even small changes can make a real difference – let us talk about it!

My offering:

Consulting for me is one of the most appealing professions I now in business. It offers so much experiences and results, that create rewards and sense in many ways.

My work is driven by passion:

Find opportunities, design change, create new things – all this just works with full commitment. As a systemic consultant and coach I also strongly believe in the opportunity to solve problems.

My work is driven by professionalism:

Based on my experience in a global consulting firm, as an entrepreneur and as a consultant and business coach I do know the common challenges for organizations from SME to international corporates.

What I can do for you

Strategic Advisory and team development – more success for everyone

With the integration of strategic advisory and team development you can increase the performance of your teams and your organization. Common settings for this are the preparation and support of off-site-meetings and strategy workshops.

Coaching: Clarity for impactful leadership

As a business coach I work with senior executives and leaders. I support you in your role as an experienced leader with all your challenges.
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